Stop Wasting Your Time With Practice

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Stop Wasting Your Time With Practice

Huei-Yuan Pan
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I had a teacher in college who use to say, "Here's your $2 tip of the day..." The advice ranged from little life tips like, "Plan to show up 15mins early than when you need to be there," to big life tips like, "Hope is not an effective teaching strategy." When I now receive helpful advice, I mentally label them as "$2 tips" and sometimes I even get a "$5 tip" or "$10 tip." 

In this strategy guide, I share the top 5 tips I give my students when it comes to practice. These are the ones that I've learned from others and discovered on my own over the past 30 years of playing music. They are also the most powerful strategies that have worked for me and my students over the past 15+ years as a teacher.

Just practice more, right?

Practice is so much more than how much time you spend; it's also what you think about and do while you practice. If you've ever: 

  • Said you don't have time to practice
  • Wondered how to organize your practice time
  • Felt frustrated while practicing 
  • Struggle to execute in performance
  • Or just wanted to be more efficient and effective while practicing

...this strategy guide was written for you.

This is a short, yet effective read. I share some thoughts on practice that I've learned over the years as a performer and teacher. I've distilled the advice I most frequently give my students when it comes to how they should be approaching their practice. These are the habits you want to implement and instill early on if you are serious about mastering your craft.

Invest in yourself, or share this as a gift with a friend that is looking to maximize their practice time and achieve their personal goals. Take action and see results with these strategies you can immediately start using today.

Thanks for your interest, and I hope you enjoy these $2 tips! 

- Huei


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