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Marching Percussion Playbook COMPLETE EDITION (Vols. 1-5): Digital Download

Huei-Yuan Pan
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The Marching Percussion Playbook (MPP) is a digital resource that provides high quality content and support for people interested in teaching and learning how to play marching percussion at a world-class level.

The MPP Complete Edition is comprised of five volumes, each targeting a very specific skill set. It is also the most popular MPP package.

With the Complete Edition, you’ll immediately receive Volumes 1-5 as a digital download (150 pages). 

  • Volume 1: 4-2-1

Extended application of a powerful framework for structured, organized practice that you can immediately apply to exercises you already know. Direct your attention and make corrections in your personal drumming deficiencies. (13 Pages)

  • Volume 2: Timing is Everything Build

The foundation for one of the most critical elements of music performance, creating feel, style, and character in your playing. ABSOLUTELY necessary to perform at world-class level. (20 pages)

  • Volume 3: Diddle Me This

Step-by-step process of how to build your diddle rudiments with accurate rhythms, heights and sound quality; all the fundamentals you’ll need before going fast! (26 pages)

  • Volume 4: That’s How We Roll

Develop full, open, even double-stroke rolls through detailed technical explanation and step-by-step exercises. No more inconsistencies in sound or rhythm – build two of the things that drummers seek most: speed and chops. (39 pages)

  • Volume 5: It’s All About the Inner Beats

Draw your attention and awareness to the texture most commonly overlooked by performers, the notes between the notes. This chapter includes the use of numerous grids, musical x-rays, and technical strategies to help you develop sound quality, control, and clarity of heights & dynamics in your playing. When you see someone play show music with complete command of how their sticks move, it’s because they understand inner beats. (43 pages)

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“The percussion community is extremely fortunate that Huei has begun to professionally deliver his curriculum and video lessons in a format accessible to the world. Huei has quickly risen to the top, and is setting the new standard for online percussion education.”

  Bradley Lomax – Owner and Founder of Beetle Percussion beetlepercussion.com

Huei is not just a great teacher; he's also a great story teller by giving compelling background and context to every lesson that highlights how a young beginning percussionist can become a Master. Huei is not just a great percussionist, he is also a mad scientist; using detailed notes and diagrams that were developed to help you (literally) see and understand the notes in a completely new and different way. With this product, you have tremendous tools at your disposal to reach your full potential as a percussionist.

  Karl Arrieta - a.k.a. @Karldrumtech

Any drummer who wants to gain valuable insight into what makes the difference between the amateur and the professional musician needs to check out Huei’s creation!

  Devon Koning – Glassmen, Phantom Regiment, Blue Coats, Rhythm X, MSU Spartan Drumline

My students have greatly improved their percussion vocabulary and confidence – in large part due to these resources.

  Matt Carity – Percussion Instructor, Columbus, OH

The structure and pacing of the book are very accessible for students and teachers alike, and Huei provides resources I wish I had back when I started learning rudimental percussion in high school. I will definitely be using this with my students and I look forward to whatever resources Huei puts out in the future! 

  Sean Knuth - Tenor Tech, Pulse Percussion and Phantom Regiment

Whether you are learning online through his Periscope Lessons, reading his inspirational Blog Posts, or practicing through his Digital Downloads, Huei, and all of his educational content, are an essential part of the percussion community.

  Mark Perrett – Co-Author of The Grid Book Series thegridbookseries.com

Huei’s done a fantastic job of giving a clear and concise explanation of one of the most simple and effective ways of getting your hands moving. This is a great training method for new percussion minds to expand their dexterity and vocabulary.

  Matt Verburg, Owner and Founder of Lot Riot lotriot.com


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Marching Percussion Playbook COMPLETE EDITION (Vols. 1-5): Digital Download

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