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Huei-Yuan Pan


Looking for practice and teaching materials to launch your drumming skills into 2019 & 2020?

All Marching Percussion Playbook Catalogue materials in ONE BUNDLE!

Marching Percussion Playbook Volumes 1-5 

  • Volume 1: 4-2-1
  • Volume 2: Timing is Everything
  • Volume 3: Diddle Me This
  • Volume 4: That’s How We Roll
  • Volume 5: It’s All About the Inner Beats

SEASON 1 Live Lesson Pack 

  • Lesson 1: 4-2-1
  • Lesson 2: Timing is Everything
  • Lesson 3: Hukadiks Paradiddle-diddle Breakdown
  • Lesson 4: Left Hand Traditional
  • Lesson 5: Double Stroke Rolls
  • Lesson 6: Master Your Flam Rudiments
  • Lesson 7: Balance, Blend & Touch
  • Lesson 8: Odd Subdivisions
  • Lesson 9: It's All About the Inner Beats
  • Lesson 10: Musical X-rays

SEASON 2 Live Lesson Pack

  • Lesson 11: Drag Interp
  • Lesson 12: Stick Control Motion and Flow
  • Lesson 13: Control Your Heights
  • Lesson 14: Herta Day, Not Gone Tomorrow
  • Lesson 15: Become a Drumming Terminator
  • Lesson 16: Complete the Musical Phrase
  • Lesson 17: Quintuplets
  • Lesson 18: Focus on Your Feet
  • Lesson 19: It’s About the Little Things
  • Lesson 20: Paradiddle Jam

SEASON 3 Live Lesson Pack

  • Lesson 21: Singles
  • Lesson 22: Buzz Basics
  • Lesson 23: Hi Mom and Grandma's
  • Lesson 24: Hertas 2.0
  • Lesson 25: Triplet Rolls
  • Lesson 26: Get Started Here
  • Lesson 27: Fantastic Flam Fives
  • Lesson 28: Ninelet Primer
  • Lesson 29: Like Buttah
  • Lesson 30: Just Relax

The MPP Complete Edition is comprised of five volumes, each targeting a very specific skill set.

Volume 1: 4-2-1

Extended application of a powerful framework for structured, organized practice that you can immediately apply to exercises you already know. Direct your attention and make corrections in your personal drumming deficiencies. (13 Pages)

Volume 2: Timing is Everything

The foundation for one of the most critical elements of music performance, creating feel, style, and character in your playing. ABSOLUTELY necessary to perform at world-class level. (20 pages) 

Volume 3: Diddle Me This

So much more than just a sticking pattern, a step-by-step process of how to build the four diddle rudiments, #16-19: single paradiddle, double paradiddle, triple paradiddle, and of course, the single paradiddle-diddle. Develop the ability and awareness to play these rudiments with accurate rhythms, heights and sound quality. Applicable to multiple percussion instruments and genres, especially drumset; all the technique and fundamentals you’ll need before going fast! (26 pages)

Volume 4: That’s How We Roll

Develop full, open, even double-stroke rolls through detailed technical explanation and step-by-step exercises. Begin with Multiple Bounce Rolls, and progress into Triple Stroke Rolls & Double Stroke Open Rolls. No more inconsistencies in sound or rhythm – build two of the things that drummers seek most: speed and chops. (39 pages) 

Volume 5: It’s All About the Inner Beats

Draw your attention and awareness to the texture most commonly overlooked by performers, the notes between the notes. This chapter includes the use of numerous grids, musical x-rays, and technical strategies to help you develop sound quality, control, and clarity of heights & dynamics in your playing. When you see someone playing show music with complete command of how their sticks move, it’s because they understand inner beats. (43 pages) 


Cyber Monday will be the last time these materials will be available at this price point - EVER! 

Over $140 worth of digital content with accompanying video lesson resources hyperlinked in the table of contents.

Prices changing in December, offer ends Cyber Monday at midnight!!


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