Marching Percussion Playbook Vol. 1: 4-2-1

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Marching Percussion Playbook Vol. 1: 4-2-1

Huei-Yuan Pan
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I can't imagine in high school having immediate access to a former Cavalier snare, Front Ensemble member, or a Phantom Regiment Snare Tech/Caption Head! The percussion community is extremely fortunate that he has begun to professionally deliver his curriculum and video lessons in a format accessible to the world. Huei has quickly risen to the top, and is setting the new standard for online percussion education.

   Bradley Lomax - Owner and Founder of Beetle Percussion

Huei has been able to touch thousands of lives through music in a positive way, via his extensive institutional, drum corps, winter guard, and social media presence. These content-rich handouts are an excellent way for drummers, beginner and advanced alike, to develop their fundamental skills, many of which are often neglected when practicing. Any drummer who wants to gain valuable insight into what makes the difference between the amateur and the professional musician needs to check out Huei's creation!

   Devon Koning - Glassmen, Phantom Regiment, Blue Coats, Rhythm X, MSU Spartan Drumline

As a relatively new percussion instructor I am looking for ways to optimize instructional time with my line. I've used, with great success, excerpts from the free Periscope lesson handouts, information contained in the actual broadcasts, and instructional progressions contained therein. My students have greatly improved their percussion vocabulary and confidence - in large part due to these resources. What better way to support such great resources and an amazing artist than with the Marching Percussion Playbook?!

   Matt Carity - Percussion Instructor, Columbus, OH

Whether you are learning online through his Periscope Lessons, reading his inspirational Blog Posts, or practicing through his Digital Downloads, Huei, and all of his educational content, is an essential part of the percussion community. With such an impressive background in percussion, it is no surprise he is one of my favorite educators. Follow this guy!

   Mark Perrett - The Grid Book Series, Co-Author


"I’m not sure what to practice."
"I want to get better at sight reading."
"I want to get better, but I’m not sure what I should be doing."
"How do I get my students to practice?"


What's the benefit of this MPP 4-2-1 Lesson?

4-2-1 will help you create:

  • Structured, organized practice
  • Immediate application to exercises you already know
  • Application to any instrument: percussion, winds, brass, strings
  • Corrections in deficiencies otherwise unnoticed
  • Frameworks to promote creativity
  • Improvement in reading, notation, and sight reading

Music is built on patterns, and a large part of how you develop and progress as a musician is dependent on your ability to study, recognize and play patterns. It allows you to draw your attention to the details that are so easily ignored or overlooked.

What's inside the digital download?

This 4-2-1 lesson is the first in a 5 part series I’m calling my Marching Percussion Playbook. These are not sequential lessons, but independent concepts that can be applied by any player. From beginning students to experienced teachers, every marching percussionist looking to multiply the return on their practice time will benefit from the Marching Percussion Playbook.

We begin with 4-2-1 because it’s a concept that can be immediately applied to all the exercises you already know. Just understanding this concept will give you an immediate bang for your buck, a lot of return with a small investment.

Inside you will find:

  • In-depth text and explanation of the 4-2-1 Process
  • Musical examples of basic and advanced concepts
  • Multiple pages of exercises applying the Standard 4-2-1, Grouped Variations, and Combination Variations

The supplemental text can be read in one sitting, or you can start with the sample exercises and reference back as needed. Just like the process itself, the way you use the handout can be customized to how you learn best. For teachers who are non-percussionists or are short on time, it's a great reference you can direct students to - literally just copy and paste this message: Go here, download this, and learn it. You're welcome :) https://gum.co/mpp421

Can I get this information in a private lesson?

This is the exact information I share with my private lesson students, individuals who have gone to make their high school & college drumlines, Top 12 drum corps and Top 12 indoor percussion groups.

I've also been able to condense multiple private lessons worth of information into a text and musical example format. For those really hungry to learn, the material is presented in a very clear, systematic, easy to follow sequence.

Considering how many private lessons it would take to relay this information, this is a tremendous investment in yourself as a student, parent, and teacher that you can always continue to refer back to after you've purchased the product. You can literally use this content and product forever!

What if I don't understand the content?

With every purchase, I am more than happy to help you figure out any problems you might encounter. You can send me your question on your favorite social media platform @hueiyuanpan.


Thanks for checking out the product! I really appreciate all the notes of encouragement and support. What I've completed is the distillation of not just hours and hours of me thinking, writing, and creating this product, but all the years I’ve spent practicing, playing, and teaching these concepts.

Note: While many have offered to pay more, my goal is to make this product accessible to a wide range of students. If you're interested in offering more for the value of the product, the + sign in the pricing section allows you to enter a higher amount. 

If you enjoy the product, please let me know.  I'd love to hear from you, and read every single message I get.

Thanks again, and I look forward to connecting with you online!


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