Open Consortium Untitled Marimba Solo

Huei-Yuan Pan
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I've learned that people enjoy being part of the creation process, and for many different reasons.

For some, they'd like to use the material themselves. Others may gift the item, or just be an active spectator.

Video overlay: train ride to Xi'an, China with my brother in Summer of 2019


Here's my idea for a model where musician and non-musician friends can partake in this upcoming project.

  • If you'd like to support or participate in the creation process of this marimba piece, you can contribute any dollar amount as a patron for the project.
  • For $19 or more, receive a patron credit in the program notes to be included in all digital and physical publishings of the solo + digital download of solo when completed.
  • For $29 or more, receive patron credit, digital download, and physical print of solo when completed.

Regardless if it's $1, $10 or $100, my hope is to give a range of access to anyone that's interested in participating in this project.

I'll share regular updates along the way, and in the end, we can say we made something together.

Thanks for reading, take care!


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Open Consortium Untitled Marimba Solo

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