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WGI and DCI Auditions Founder's Group

Huei-Yuan Pan

The WGI and DCI Auditions Founder's Group is an online course/seminar for students interested in auditioning for a winter indoor drumline or summer drum corps group.

Who is this for?

The ideal member for this group is:

  • Thinking or planning on auditioning for WGI or DCI
  • Attending their first live audition (yes!)
  • Auditioning for a new group after spending a summer marching
  • Returning as a vet, showcasing the highest level of leadership for their corps

Through this group, I'll be personally coaching a small cohort of students, guiding them through the questions they have before, during and after the audition process.

AIM: Why sign up for this membership?

Think of all the questions you have about the audition process, and our goal is to answer all of them before you arrive to Friday night camp. The less energy you spend wondering leaves you with more time to execute your audition.

We'll discuss things such as: the top 10 mistakes people make at auditions, the top 5 strategies to maximize your camp experience, 5 mindsets to get a Call Back, and all the things you should be doing between camps to show back up the following month, ready to impress.

WHAT'S SPECIAL about this course is we'll be working over 12 weeks to help you before, during, and after the audition to keep you moving forward. It is not a single touch-point, but a long term investment in each member over an extended period of time.

Why would you come here for help?

When I went to my first drum corps audition in high school, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't know what to expect, what was going to happen, or that I should have prepared anything particular in advance...

Totally wrong.

Since then, I've experienced this process from almost every perspective over the course of my career at the World Class level:


auditioned and successfully made two Top 12 corps, spent 4 summers touring, winning 2 World Championship titles


battery & front ensemble tech, percussion caption head, director - sitting through many, many individual auditions choosing and training members


prepared students starting as beginning percussionists all the way to ultimately making their dream World Class indoor and outdoor groups

The point is, most people figure all this out through trial and error as they work through the process. That's what I had to do.

This takes time.

Instead, take advantage of my experience to expedite your learning curve.

MY GOAL is to help you feel prepared and confident as you navigate the audition process. 

What you get:

  • 10 weeks of group coaching to prepare you for auditions
  • 24/7 video posting to provide each other critique and encouragement
  • 10 weeks of Sunday office hours to answer your questions 
  • A personal individual video feedback and practice plan
  • Insight and strategies on the do's and don'ts at the audition
  • Access to a network of other highly motivated individuals looking to audition
  • Guest interviews and advice on the entire audition process
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to all content created for this beta group

This course is not a guarantee that you get a callback or win a spot...

What it IS...

A guarantee that you will have the insight and information to approach the audition with confidence and a plan so you have your best chance of getting that call back and winning a spot.

An investment in yourself to understand and know what to expect for current and future auditions in the indoor and outdoor marching arts activities.


The 10 weeks worth of content will be covered over a 3 month period, and founding members will continue to have access to all materials while they are subscribed, including office hours for future enrollment groups.

In order to gain maximum benefit and lifetime access to the Audition Founder's course content, the subscription is for a 6 month period. 

All of this is available for a 30 day trial, 100% money back guarantee. 

Lifetime access to the course is based on a 6 month payment period, access to the private group and its materials ends with the cancellation. Upon completion of 6 month subscription, members will have lifetime access to course contents.

This product is not currently for sale.
$29 a month

WGI and DCI Auditions Founder's Group